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Posted here are the league rosters and schedules for the month of July.

League rules for parents:
- If your child is unable to participate in a league game, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement Stunner of the same grade.

- Check the schedule DAILY to check for game times. It is possible that game times change as the summer moves along.

- Keep in mind that we go by the kids' upcoming grade for LEAGUE ONLY.

Example: If Luke finished 4th grade last year, he will be on the 5th grade boys league team.

- If you do not see your child's name on a roster, please contact Gary.

League Rosters: click here

League Schedule:click here



End Of Summer tournament at Baseline - boys play Saturday, August 12th.  girls play Sunday, August 13th.  

Stunners tournament rosters updated August 11th  -  click here

tournament schedule link (schedule was adjusted Thursday August 10th late)  - click here

Games may be at Baseline or Pepsico Center in Rock Island